RCNP philosophy and teachers

At RCNP, our mission statement is enriching young minds through play and exploration. Each student is recognized as a unique personality bringing specific skills and experiences into the classroom. We believe that three- and four-year-olds grow and learn best through creative play. Children choose the pace at which they learn and the tools with which they will explore their areas of interest. Children are encouraged to try new skill-building activities and to expand their interests in a framework that comfortably allows discovery.

Preschool is often a first independent experience for children, where each child begins to discover who he/she is and where his/her interests and aptitudes lie. Because children are easily impacted by others’ reactions, it is one of our ultimate goals to guide and respond to students in ways that build confidence, self-esteem and respect. We create settings, through play and activities, where children learn to build close and wholesome friendships and we strive to instill a sense of respect for every member of our community.

Each teacher organizes the daily activities for her class and they collaborate on the overall classroom environment that best suits both the three-year olds and the four-year olds.

Teacher Emma leads our Stars class for 3-year-olds. Emma grew up in the U.K. and studied elementary education at Canterbury Christ Church University. She taught in Primary Schools in England, working with kids aged 4-11, and has been teaching preschool in the U.S. since 2013.

Emma is passionate about working with children of all ages and she delights in guiding children in their first experiences of education. She treasures being part of a cooperative preschool, and especially enjoys working alongside families and being part of a close community.

Emma believes creativity and fun are at the heart of learning. She practices a child-centered curriculum where children are valued and have opportunities to learn and grow through play. She sees early childhood education as a crucial time to develop social and emotional skills, grounded in opportunities to be active, laugh, and be imaginative and creative.

Emma lives in NE Portland with her husband and young son and daughter. She loves exploring the beauty of the Northwest, loves to travel and also enjoys photography, cooking and baking.

Teacher Laurie leads our Rainbow class for 4-year-olds. Laurie is a certified elementary education teacher who has taught in Portland, Beaverton, and South Africa.  She completed coursework to become a Positive Discipline Parenting Educator.  She embraces her role as a life-long learner and expands her early childhood expertise with classes from Portland State University and Parent Child Preschools Organization.

Laurie’s appreciation for the value of cooperative preschools began with her experiences at her daughters’ local preschool.  Laurie has a great respect for the way the cooperative model fosters community and collaboration.  The play-based learning philosophy allows children to develop at their own pace and have a deeper understanding of the world. Laurie understands how pre-school is a critical phase in children’s social and emotional development.  She is committed to building a creative, interactive, inquisitive environment for learning and play.

Laurie lives in NE Portland with her husband and two children.  She enjoys bicycling, gardening, hiking, art and crafts.

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Statement of children’s rights
1. Children have the right to feel whatever they feel.
2. Children have the right to express their feelings, opinions and desires respectfully.
3. Children have the right to say “NO” and refuse to be touched in abusive or inappropriate ways.
4. Children have the right to request help.
5. Children have the right to make mistakes and to be responsible for them.
6. Children have the right to be respected as people with feelings, thoughts and beliefs of their own.
7. Children have the right to have their physical and emotional needs met.